class cloudsync.NotificationType

These types roughly correspond to the exceptions defined in

CONNECTED = 'connected'

Provider has connected

DISCONNECTED_ERROR = 'disconnected_error'

Provider was disconnected

FILE_NAME_ERROR = 'file_name_error'

File name is invalid, and is being ignored

NAMESPACE_ERROR = 'namespace_error'

Specified namespace is invalid/unavailable (could be auth issue)

OUT_OF_SPACE_ERROR = 'out_of_space_error'

Sync is halted because one provider is out of space

ROOT_MISSING_ERROR = 'root_missing_error'

Root of cloud sync is missing, and will not be created

STARTED = 'started'

Sync has started

STOPPED = 'stopped'

Sync engine was stopped

SYNC_CORRUPT_IGNORED = 'sync_corrupt_ignored'

a corrupt file has been deleted or renamed, and the delete/rename was dropped

SYNC_DISCARDED = 'sync_discarded'

Sync discarded a file due to path translation failure

SYNC_SMART_UNSYNCED = 'sync_smart_skipped'

SmartSync file has not been requested, and therefore skipped during sync

TEMPORARY_ERROR = 'temporary_error'

Upload failure, or other temp error that will be retried.